Corrugated Anti-Fatigue Mats for Heavy Duty Use

Corrugated anti-fatigue mats have been around for many years and are still a favorite in industrial and commercial environments. The corrugated top provides excellent directional traction and is easy to sweep clean.



  • Rubber top surface bonded to a dense sponge base: provides excellent fatigue relief
  • Corrugated top surface design: offers superior directional traction to reduce slips
  • Overall thickness: 1/2"
  • Custom Sizes: available in 2', 3' or 4' widths and up to 75' in length
  • Available Colors: Black (BL)

photo of corrugated anti-fatigue mat

diagram of mat thickness

Quantity Stock Size Price
2' x 3' x 1/2" $50
3' x 5' x 1/2" $125

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