Diamond Sof-Tred: Anti-Slip / Anti Fatigue Mats

Diamond Sof-Tred Anti-Slip / Anti Fatigue Mats have a non-directional deck plate top surface that helps provide sure footing. Diamond Sof-Tred™ features Dyna-Shield™, which enhances the traction and longevity of the product-resulting in the most beneficial PVC anti-fatigue sponge on the market. Designed for use in medium duty-dry work areas such as lab areas, packaging stations, QC areas and shipping departments.


  • Closed cell Polyvinylchloride (PVC) sponge compound: relieves leg and back discomfort
  • Non-directional diamond deck plate top surface design: easy to clean and enhances traction
  • Overall thickness: 1/2"
  • All 4 sides are beveled and sealed: minimizes tripping hazards and resists moisture penetration
  • Dyna-Shield™ top surface: resists abrasion; extends service life
  • Available with 4" yellow borders: use to create a safety zone around workers
  • Available Colors: Black (BL), Gray (GY), Black-Yellow (BY)

photo of diamond sof-tred anti-slip / anti fatigue mat

photo of mat color options diagram of mat thickness

Quantity Stock Size Color Price
2' x 3' $41.00
3' x 5' $98.00
2' x 60' $727.00
3' x 60' $1085.00
4' x 60' $1449.00

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