Olympian Welder's-Dome - Anti Fatigue Mat

Our Olympian series mats are nearly indestructible. These mats can be used in areas of extreme temperatures, they show no visible cracking in -45 degrees Fahrenheit, and are staples in welding and metal-working areas. These mats are ideal for use where there may be forklift traffic and extreme conditions, or homes where you would like something that is built to outlast everything else on the market.


  • Combination of nylon fibers and rubber blended to form a mat that lasts up against the most extreme conditions.
  • The Welders-Dome advantage is the distance the domed surface provides between slag/sparks/hot metal shavings and the standing worker's shoe soles.
  • The Welders-Dome's combination of domed surface, with evenly spaced compression knobs on the underside, provide a resilient and active surface with excellent anti-slip characteristic.
  • Olympian style mats are a green product, manufactured from recycled tire trim rubber.
  • Olympian mats show no signs of deterioration at 400 degrees fahrenheit, nor issue with ozone exposure and weathering.
  • Standard Sizes: Available in 3 foot wide, 60 foot rolls or cut lengths. Thickness: 5/8"
  • Color: Black only
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