With so many of us working from home these days, we have been able to have a little more control over our workspaces. There is no structured cubicle that confines you to a small space,  no built in desk telling you exactly where everything will sit. We can change out our lighting to better suit our eyes, or reduce glare. We are now able to modify our own workplaces to meet our own individual needs, not just the needs of the masses. However, that doesn’t mean we were able to preemptively catalog, and provide for all of the additional needs that would come up along the way.


Many of us are tired of hearing how bad it is to sit all day, it can become exhausting to hear that time and time again when you have no choice in the matter. For this reason, so many people have switched to standing desks for their new at home offices. They can feel rejuvenating, oftentimes aiding in productivity for those of us that have that constant need to keep moving. A few weeks down the road though we find that they pose their own issues. Standing on a hard surface all day can cause pain and discomfort. If nothing is done about it, it can cause prolonged implications, causing damage to your joints and circulatory system.

Consistent standing on hard surfaces can cause swelling in the joints of your legs, it can lead to painful foot issues including but not limited to, corns and bunions. Additionally it can cause great strain on your circulatory system forcing your heart to work harder than it should which adds additional pressure to the walls of your veins which can be especially dangerous. This pressure can produce painful varicose veins and increase your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.


Instead of waving your white flag and receding back to your same old health risks of sitting all day, there are thankfully very simple ways of combating this. The most simple of which is an anti-fatigue mat. While standing an anti-fatigue mat your feet will naturally adapt to the cushioned feel below them, promoting regular foot movement that reduces locked knees, and pressure on the soles of your feet. This regular foot movement helps distribute that pressure over a larger area of your foot, reducing muscle strain and ultimately, fatigue.

While many have their home office in a guest bedroom, or redesigned closet space, there are also those that have tucked them into their basements with cement flooring. Another aspect of health aid in anti-fatigue mats is their insolation against extreme temperatures like that of cold concrete, this aids in healthy, non overworked blood circulation. 


One of the wonderful things about anti-fatigue mats, is that they are also, just like our home offices, able to be individualized to each of our needs. They are not a one size fits all cookie cutter cubical, some are built to help those that are most stubborn into continued movement, some are built to handle desks that can be multi functional for standing and seating. They are all there though to aid in this new transition of working at home.

This entry was posted on 10/14/20 by: Reese