Recently a customer of ours came along with a slightly unusual need. Their job had them piloting a ship for long hours, daily. This had them standing in one place on a solid metal floor for their entire work day, day in and day out. Simply put, they were hurting from it and needed some sort of relief. We had three hurdles to work around on this one. First, they needed something waterproof, this was a boat after all and there was no doubt it was going to be wet. Secondarily, they needed it to be a custom size, built to fit perfectly in their small standing room without having to be folded or cut. Last, they needed something that would break up the pain caused by their knees locking from standing in one place.




To fix our water issue we chose to go with a mat that we usually keep for clean rooms, medical stations, and laboratories. That is our Dr. Stand Eze mat. Above you see two cross sections of an anti fatigue mat, most mats are like that on the left, foam bottom which works perfectly well with most situations. But when you are in a location that needs a sterile presence, or the ability to be sprayed down fully we go with this mat that you can see on the right. This has a completely encapsulated design, which creates a watertight mat that is easily cleaned with most disinfecting agents.


So now with our first hurdle overcome we reach the fact that there is a very small space that can be occupied. This requires a custom measurements, and cuts. This hurdle, was a fairly simple one fix given that much of our matting and stair tread work is fully custom orders. With just a quick sketch, like the sample one above we can start quoting. This sample sketch was made in MS Paint. Additionally, we have received photos of a customers hand drawn sketch on a restaurant napkin, and they worked just as well. 



Now we are down to the last hurdle. This customer wanted a plain color, gray mat that would assist in relieving stress points in their body that they had been facing from standing on a hard surface all day. The Dr. Stand Eze is a great mat for this, however being a marbolized design, it wasn’t the look that this customer was hoping for. The good news? It's a versatile mat. We can switch out its topper with any vinyl top anti fatigue mat we have, and it will seal just the same. For this, we chose our Reflex mat. A lot went into this choice, it had several gray tone options to choose from that were not too reflective causing additional heat caking in the sun.  As well with its domed surface, it takes on the shape of your feet to provide equal support for the entire footprint while also providing an upward force to relieve stress on your feet and break up stress patterns in other parts of your body. Below you can see the finalized product, a stylish, versatile, highly customized mat that sits perfectly at the helm of the ship.



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