SPT Rubber Flooring Tiles

SPT Rubber Flooring Tiles are a durable, spike-resistant floor made of recycled rubber combined with color flecs of new rubber to create an environmentally friendly, slip resistant sport surface for fitness centers, wellness/therapy centers, ice rinks, golf courses, locker rooms, stadiums, day care, student centers, museums, and retail or office.

SPT Athletic Floor Mat tiles are available in 6 mm, 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" x 24" x 24" tiles, either with interlocking edges or square cut (for glue down applications). Excellent for use in weight rooms, ice rinks, aerobic studios, children's play areas, grocery store produce areas, walking tracks, schools and community centers. Glue-down applications should be installed with our Urethane Adhesive.


  • Description: 2'x2' Rubber Athletic Flooring made from recycled rubber tires in either square cut for glue down installation or puzzle cut for interlocking installation.
  • Thickness: 6 mm, 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" & 1/2"
  • Materials: Recycled Rubber
  • Colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue and Off-white standard. 10 additional non-standard custom colors.
  • Maintenance: Damp mop and dry
  • Odor: Non-odorous, non-toxic
  • Acoustics: Rates superior
  • Origin: USA


black color swatch
red color swatch
green color swatch
blue color swatch
off-white color swatch

Orders under $200 material cost will be charged a $10 handling fee.

Shipping Information

  • Availability: The 5 standard colors above are ready to ship from the factory within 5-6 business days. Travel time from the factory is 2-6 days.
  • Location: Ships from the Colton, CA factory.
  • Shipping costs: While the materials may be inexpensive, they are unfortunately very heavy and bulky. On small orders, it is very common for shipping to exceed the cost of materials. Please call or email for a shipping quote. 330-650-5561 | sales@floormatstore.com

SPT Square Cut Sport Floor Tiles, 24" x 24"

Size Black 20% Color 30% color
6 mm $7.56 ($1.89/sq ft) $8.40 ($2.10/sq ft) $9.84 ($2.46/sq ft)
1/4" $7.84 ($1.96/sq ft) $8.72 ($2.18/sq ft) $10.16 ($2.54/sq ft)
5/16" $8.88 ($2.22/sq ft) $9.72 ($2.43/sq ft) $11.16 ($2.79/sq ft)
3/8" $10.00 ($2.50/sq ft) $10.88 ($2.72/sq ft) $12.32 ($3.08/sq ft)
1/2" $12.32 ($3.08/sq ft) $13.52 ($3.38/sq ft) $14.40 ($3.60/sq ft)

photo of tile with interlocking edges

SPT Interlocking Rubber Sport Floor Tiles, 24" x 24"

Size Confetti Black 20% Color 30% Color
6 mm n/a $7.92 ($1.98/sq ft) $8.80 ($2.20/sq ft) $10.36  ($2.59/sq ft)
1/4" $7.04 ($1.76/sq ft) $8.20 ($2.05/sq ft)  $9.12 ($2.28/sq ft)  $10.52 ($2.63/sq ft) 
5/16" n/a $9.44 ($2.36/sq ft)  $10.32 ($2.58/sq ft) $11.72 ($2.93/sq ft) 
3/8" $8.60 ($2.15/sq ft) $10.60 ($2.65/sq ft) $11.44 ($2.86/sq ft)  $12.88 ($3.22/sq ft) 
1/2" n/a $12.88 ($3.22/sq ft)  $14.24 ($3.56/sq ft)  $15.16 ($3.79/sq ft) 


Non-wall to wall, no cutting:

  1. Clean and clear the subfloor of all dust, dirt and debris.
  2. Start at a corner and put down the border tiles forming an "L" shape. Fill in the remaining rubber tiles as you see fit.

Wall to wall, cutting:

  1. Clean and clear the subfloor of all dust, dirt and debris.
  2. Snap 2 perpendicular chalk lines 24" from the wall. Repeat with the oposite corner to form a 24" border around the room.
  3. Start atone corner inside of the chalk lines as and put down tiles from there to create an "L" shape. Fill in the remaining space inside the chalk lines as seen fit.
  4. It is suggested that when doing a wall to wall installation, you leave a gap between the mat and the wall, about the thickness of the mat - to allow for expansion when the seasons change.
  5. Start cutting in tiles along the walls of the room.

When using the interlocking tiles, adhesive is not usually required, the weight of the mats should be enough to hold the mats in place. If you do however experience shifting, we suggest you use some double sided carpet tape either around the perimeter or down each row at the connections.

Note: In glue down installations, it is strongly recommended that you go over the mats with a 100 lb roller to ensure a proper bond. If a roller cannot be located for use, alternatively, you can walk on the mat, using small overlapping steps making sure that every inch of the mat has been walked on.


Clean with a damp mop and air dry. If you use soap, use dish soap or laundry detergent.