SRF - Survivor Rolled Rubber Athletic Flooring

Survivor Rolled Rubber Athletic Flooring is the best rolled rubber athletic flooring in the industry. U.S. Rubber Recycling has taken the art of recycling technology to another level. A fabulous variety of available colors and chip size combinations enable you to design the perfect floor for your application. Rolls eliminate seams and afford a more practical and less expensive installation with unbeatable prices starting at $0.93 Per Square Foot (1/8" Confetti).

Survivor Rolled Rubber Athletic Flooring performs better, offers superior life cycle cost savings and enhances the appearance of your facility when compared to carpet, 4' x 6' horse mats or painted floors. It also has no VOCs, is sound and shock absorbent and is easy to maintain. Discount FloorMat Store is very proud to add SPF Rolled flooring to its line-up of environmentally friendly products.

Survivor Rolled Rubber Athletic Flooring works great for aerobics, free weights, as an exercise equipment mat, as dog kennel flooring, day care flooring, in a locker room, ice rinks, indoors or outdoors, as anti slip or anti fatigue matting and even on the walls for sound proofing.


  • Description: 4' wide Rolled Rubber Athletic Flooring made from recycled rubber tires
  • Thickness: 1/8", 5/32", 6 mm, 1/4", 5/16", 9 mm, 3/8", 12 mm and 1/2"
  • Materials: Recycled Rubber
  • Colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue and Off-white standard. 10 additional non-standard custom colors. Available in solid black, 20% color fleck and 30% color fleck.
  • Now available in low cost 'Confetti" option: made from trimmings and scrap, so color consistency can be an issue for large areas.
  • Maintenance: Damp mop and dry
  • Odor: Non-odorous, non-toxic
  • Acoustics: Rates superior
  • Origin: USA


black color swatch
red color swatch
green color swatch
blue color swatch
off-white color swatch

10% color fleck is no longer a stock item, please call or email for quoting if specified on orders over 800 square feet.


Shipping Information

  • Availability: The 5 standard colors above, are stored in full rolls and cut to your needed lengths, free of charge, ready to ship from the factory within 5-6 business days. Travel time from the factory is 2-6 days.
  • Location: Ships from the Colton, CA factory.
  • Shipping costs: While the materials may be very inexpensive, they are unfortunately very heavy and bulky. On small orders, it is very common for shipping to exceed the cost of materials. Please call or email for a shipping quote. 330-650-5561 |

photo of rubber athletic flooring roll

Sold by the linear foot (4 square feet per linear foot) up to 50 feet per roll
Size Confetti Black 20% Color 30% Color
1/8" $3.72 ($0.93/sq ft) $3.92 ($0.98/sq ft) $4.32 ($1.08/sq ft) $4.88 ($1.22/sq ft)
5/32" $4.12 ($1.03/sq ft) $4.36 ($1.09/sq ft) $4.88 ($1.22/sq ft) $5.44 ($1.36/sq ft)
6 mm $5.16 ($1.29/sq ft) $5.60 ($1.40/sq ft) $6.40 ($1.60/sq ft) $7.20 ($1.80/sq ft)
1/4" $5.32 ($1.33/sq ft) $6.00 ($1.50/sq ft) $6.88 ($1.72/sq ft) $7.72 ($1.93/sq ft)
5/16" $6.20 ($1.55/sq ft) $7.16 ($1.79/sq ft) $8.00 ($2.00/sq ft) $8.88 ($2.22/sq ft)
9 mm $6.76 ($1.69/sq ft) $7.64 ($1.91/sq ft) $8.88 ($2.22/sq ft) $10.00 ($2.50/sq ft)
3/8" $7.12 ($1.78/sq ft) $8.00 ($2.00/sq ft) $9.16 ($2.29/sq ft) $10.60 ($2.65/sq ft)
12 mm $8.64 ($2.16/sq ft) $9.92 ($2.48/sq ft) $11.68 ($2.92/sq ft) $13.44 ($3.36/sq ft)
1/2" $9.04 ($2.26/sq ft) $10.32 ($2.58/sq ft) $12.32 ($3.08/sq ft) $14.32 ($3.58/sq ft)


  1. For optimal ease of installation, store material at room temperature (70° F).
  2. Clean and clear the subfloor of all dust, dirt and debris.
  3. Unroll and lay out the Rubber Athletic Matting.
  4. Leave the flooring unrolled, in place for no less than 12 hours (ideally 24 hours) to adjust to the temperature. For the 1/4" and thinner mats, to prevent the mat from curling up, it helps if after the 12 hours wait, you flip the rolls over and roll them up in the opposite direction. Clean the floor again and unroll the mats.
  5. Make any necessary cuts in the mats to fit around immovable objects in the room, with a sharp blade and metal straight edge.
  6. Rolls must be installed in the same direction. Start on one side of the room and work your way towards the opposite side. Do not start on both ends.
  7. For Loose Lay installation, apply double sided tape to the perimeter of each roll.
  8. For Glue down installation, roll up the rolls and spread adhesive out in a line in front of the roll, about 8 to 10 feet, unroll the mat over it to the end of the adhesive and repeat till fully unrolled.
  9. In glue down installations, it is strongly recommended that you go over the mats with a 100 lb roller to ensure a proper bond. If a roller cannot be located for use, alternatively, you can walk on the mat, using small overlapping steps making sure that every inch of the mat has been walked on.


Clean with a damp mop and air dry. If you use soap, use dish soap or laundry detergent.