Cocoa Mat Road Rollers

Vinyl Back Cocoa Mat Road Rollers are are made from the fibers of the nearly indestructible outer husk of coconuts. To make securing to equipment much more simple than woven-back cocoa mats, a black vinyl backing is bonded with the fibers. Another large advantage over woven-back cocoa mats is that our Vinyl Back Cocoa Mat Road Rollers can easily be cut down to fit, without the matting unraveling on you. A punch or sharp knife is all that is needed if small holes are required for installation.


  • Surface: Cocoa matting
  • Base: Black Vinyl
  • Thickness: 30mm (approximately 1-3/16")
  • Sizes: Sold in 32' 9" rolls with heights of 4", 6", 8", 9", 10" and 12"

photo of cocoa mat road roller

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Model Number Size Price
RR4R 4" x 32'9" $182.00 per carton of 2
RR6R 6" x 32'9" $137.00 each
RR8R 8" x 32'9" $183.00 each
RR9R 9" x 32'9" $218.00 each
RR10R 10" x 32'9" $243.00 each
RR12R 12"x 32'9" $291.00 each