Corner Guards 4 7/8" Wings - No. C-1

Surface-mounted corner guards offer cost-effective protection for existing facilities, easy installation and a wide variety of styles and materials to meet virtually any requirement.

The C-1 corner guard is a heavy duty natural rubber corner guard; provides high impact resistance and is non-marking too. This corner guard is suitable for use indoor or outdoor.


  • Wing size: 4 7/8 " Wings
  • Corner Guard angle: Fits 90ยบ corners
  • Corner Guard materials: high-impact, non-marking natural rubber.
  • Lengths: 4', 8' standard lengths. Custom lengths from 4' to 12' are available. Please note that corner guards longer than 8' cannot ship by UPS or FedEx and must be shipped by freight.
  • Corner Guard thickness: 7/8"

photo of rubber corner guard

Quantity Model Description Color Price
C-1 4' long, 3" x 3" Gray $226.00
C-1 8' long, 3" x 3" Gray $451.00

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