Anti-Static Floor Mats

photo of Switchboard Matting

Switchboard Matting – Non-Conductive Floor Matting to Insulate Workers

  • Non-conductive switchboard matting prevents workers from electric shocks.
  • Class 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • Available with YELLOW SAFETY BORDERS
photo of Diamond Stat mat

Diamond Stat™ Conductive Anti-Static Floor Matting

  • A full 9/16 inch thick laminated anti-fatigue mat.
  • Top surface is diamond deck-plate vinyl compound bonded to vinyl sponge backing.
  • Grommet inset for recommended grounding cord.
photo of Cushion-Stat mat

Cushion-Stat™ Conductive / Anti-Static Floor Mats

  • Ideal anti-fatigue matting of 3/8 inch thick vinyl sponged construction.
  • Pebbled top surface for traction; beveled edges to reduce tripping.