#826 Diamond Stat™ – Conductive / Anti-Static Floor Matting

Conductive/anti-static matting is formulated to absorb static electricity. Simple worker tasks: working, walking or even sitting on certain types of stools create static electricity. If left unchecked, static will pass from the worker to sensitive equipment potentially creating damage to computer chips and electric circuitry. This matting drains static from the worker thereby safeguarding equipment.


  • Vinyl top surface bonded to a vinyl sponge: provides fatigue relief
  • Diamond plate top surface design: improves traction
  • Overall thickness: 9/16"
  • Grommet inset for recommended grounding cord
  • Available Color: Black (BL)

photo of worker on diamond stat mat

close-up photo of diamond stat mat

Grounding cord included.

2' x 3' x 9/16" $107.00
3' x 5' x 9/16" $288.00
3' x 12' x 9/16" $689.00
3' x 75' x 9/16" $4301.00

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