Finger Tip ™ – Rubber Floor Mat for Heavy Duty Service

Finger Tip™ rubber brush mats are the most durable and effective rubber floor mat in the industry. This mat aggressively scrapes off dirt and debris by using thousands of flexible rubber fingers. Comes with a special slip resistant base to keep the mat in place and beveled borders to prevent tripping.

To clean, simply turn the mat over and shake or hose it off.


  • Solid SBR rubber construction: ensures the mat and fingerscrapers will remain flexible in the most extreme cold or harsh chemical exposure
  • Beveled nosing: on all 4 sides creates a moat that traps moisture within the mat
  • Overall thickness: 5/8"- durable, long-lasting
  • Rubber backing: reduces mat movement
  • Available Color: Black (BL)

photo of finger tip mat at a doorway

graphic of mat texture

Stock Size Price
24" x 32" $35.00
32" x 39" $52.00
36" x 60" $91.00
36" x 72" $110.00