Modular Recessed Entrance Matting - Linear Look Tiles

Linear Look Modular Recessed Entrance Matting Tiles are 1' x 1' x 1/2" interlocking 100% recycled tiles. The tiles are made of recycled PVC and olefin carpet. The interlocking tabs easily snap together for quick installation or replacement.

These Linear Look Modular Recessed Entrance Matting tiles are part of a sustainable development program. At the end of their lifecycle, the tiles can be returned to the manufacturer for a credit toward a replacement order. Your returned tiles are then cleaned, ground up, treated for contaminants and re-formed into new tiles - all in an environmentally safe process. Call or email for additional details.


  • Green product: Made from 100% recycled materials and 100% recyclable. As an incentive to continue keeping the materials out of landfills, we'll even buy back your old tiles to make into new ones. Please call or email for details.
  • 1'x1' tiles to easily fit any sized area. Interlocking for easy install or replacement.
  • Use as recessed matting or directly on the surface with beveled edge ramps.
  • Brushes shoes and wheels clean of dirt, slush, sand and other unwanted debris normally tracked in, to save your floors from expensive cleaning and wear.

Ideal for heavy wear areas in retail and grocery shopping centers, airports, amusement parks, movie theaters, ramps, entryways, etc.


  • Furnish and install in either a perpendicular or diagonally alternating parquet pattern as shown on drawings.
  • Materials: Recycled PVC tiles with olefin carpet.
  • Size: 1/2 " thick x 12" x 12" interlocking tile size
  • Available Tile Colors: Black, Red, Brown
  • Available Carpet Colors: Charcoal, Brown

photo of linear look matting tiles at an entrance

photo of individual tile

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Green Product

Quantity Description Size Price
Black tile w/ Charcoal carpet Single Tile $32.15
Black tile w/ Charcoal carpet Box of 24 Tiles $750.00
Black beveled edge, male 11.84" $6.95
Black beveled corner, male 13.63" $8.70
Black beveled edge, female 11.84" $6.95
Black beveled corner, female 13.63" $8.70

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Sustainable Development Program:

Step One - Select a Product:

Select one of the LinearLook Modular Entrance Matting options - LinearLook, High Heel Proof, HoleSome or Geo Design - all made from 100% recycled PVC plastics

Step Two - Product End-of-Life:

Call us up to get the ball rolling. You will return your used tiles to us for a credit* on a future order of replacement tiles of the LinearLook Modular Entrance Matting line. The tiles you send to us are then cleaned, ground up, tested and treated for contaminants in a process also environmentally safe and then reborn into new matting.

Step Three - Congratulations!

Not only did you just save all of those tiles from going to a landfill, you also helped keep the world a little greener by lowering the need for more new raw materials. You can now use the credit* we've given you to purchase replacement matting.


  1. Clean and clear the subfloor of all dust, dirt and debris.
  2. Start at a corner and put down the border tiles forming an "L" shape. Fill in the remaining rubber tiles as you see fit.