Recycled Tire Tiles: TT12

Recycled Tire Tiles have a surface of carpet-like specially processed rubber strips that are created from 90% post consumer recycled heavy-duty bus and truck tires. Strips are heat bonded to a woven flexible backing, creating a "dry-back" adhesive back. The backing then will react with our TT-390 adhesive (nonflammable) for a stronger bond to the floor.

Key benefits:

  • Green product: made with 90% post consumer recycled bus and truck tires.
  • Tire Tiles can be installed outdoors or indoors.
  • Cord strips wipe dirt or moisture from feet
  • Non-absorbing
  • Non-skid
  • Resistant to shrinkage
  • Can be used to reduce noise

Ideal for heavy wear areas in retail and grocery shopping centers, airports, amusement parks, movie theaters, ramps, entryways, can be used as a golf spike-resistant tile, etc.

Available in 12" x 12" standard tile size or in longitudinal rolls 12" x 25'.


  • Furnish and install in either a perpendicular or diagonally alternating parquet pattern as shown on drawings.
  • Materials: Recycled heavy duty truck or bus tire strips, bonded to a special flexible "dry-back" adhesive back.
  • Adhesive: Tiles must be installed using No. TT-390 Non-Flammable Environmentally Safe Adhesive. One gallon covers approx. 100 sq ft.
  • Size: 3/8" thick x 12" x 12" tile size (or longitudinal rolls 12" wide x 25' long)
  • TT12 Available Colors: Natural Earth tone Gray.
  • TT12-CT Available Colors: Lightly colored tone hues of Blue tone, Green tone and Brown tone.
  • Meets OSHA specifications and flammability requirements of DOC-FF-1-70.
  • Due to color fading, these are not recommended for outdoor use in direct sunlight.

photo of recycled tire tiles

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Green Product


gray color swatchGray
green tone color swatch
Green tone
blue tone color swatch
Blue tone
brown color swatch

TT12 Recycled Tire Tiles

Quantity Item No. Description Price
TT12 12"x12" Single Tile - Gray tone $12.20
TT12 Box of 25 tiles - Gray tone $252.00
TT12-ROLL 12"x25' Roll - Gray tone $252.00

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TT12-CT Recycled Tire Tiles

Quantity Item No. Description Color Price
TT12-CT 12"x12" Single Tile - Colortones $15.75
TT12-CT Box of 25 tiles - Colortones $325.00

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TT-390 Recycled Tire Tile Adhesive

Quantity Item No. Description Price
TT-390 1 Gal of Adhesive $80.00
TT-394 4 Gal pail of Adhesive $211.00

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