Fiberglass Stair Treads No. FGS

Fiberglass Step Covers are designed for indoor or outdoor use that exceeds OSHA and ADA standards. They are lightweight, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, and cost-effective. Their vertical lip wraps over the leading edge of stairs where most slips and falls occur.

Key Benefits:

  • Holds up to outdoor conditions where rubber or vinyl stair treads fail
  • Available with standard 90° Nose and Bull Nose
  • Available in contrasting nose and backing colors for higher visibility
  • Available in custom lengths of up to 10', call 330-650-5561 or email for quoting.
  • Large variety of color options including high visibility, and glow in the dark.
  • Excellent anti-slip features
  • Protects your new steps or fixes your worn or slippery steps
  • Deep landing covers and walkway covers to match also available, call 330-650-5561 or email for pricing.

Examples of places of use:

  • Motels, hotels, condos or apartments
  • Churches, hospitals, schools or animal shelters
  • Cruise ships, amusement parks or zoos
  • Manufacturing plants, warehouses or offices


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