Five Father's Day Gifts For Any Dad:


Father's Day is again just around the corner. And we are once more faced with the nearly impossible task of finding that perfect gift for one of the most difficult gifties.  

For that reason we at The FloorMat Store decided to come together and make up a foolproof list of thoughtful items for every dad out there.

 1. Coming in first, we have for our hobbyist, or professional, an anti-fatigue mat built for dads who play with fire. Olympian line mats are all constructed from recycled trim rubber from the manufacturing process for tires. These are built to handle whatever you throw at them. They show no signs of deterioration at 400 degrees fahrenheit, nor issue with ozone exposure and weathering. The welding profession has landed itself on list after list of the most strenuous jobs on people knees, backs, and feet. Hours and hours spent standing, often hunched over a workbench.  An anti-fatigue mat is often thought to be a distant dream in this profession- with nothing being able to withstand that heat. The Olympian Welder's-Dome does though, and it's time for it to shine. Click here to see its specifications! 

2. Have a father that's a super fan? Maybe he's been in the process of taking over the basement, creating for himself a cave with all of his favorite sports memorabilia taking up their rightful promident space on the walls. Does he seem to party a little hard down there? How about some fiberglass stair treads to help prevent the sometimes inevitable slip up and down the stairs? These stair covers are fully customizable, and built to last. You can alternate between his team's colors, or even create a rugged 'red carpet' down to his den. Whatever the look you're going for, it's achievable with these, even if you want your teams logo to shine in glow-in-the-dark. Best yet? The price is right. Click here to see the specifications! 


3. Next on our list we reach gym floor matting. Our father's are working out with heavy weights, they are tossing bags around and feeling their bodies getting beaten down. Let's be honest, they will never ask for something to make it 'softer' but we all know they would LOVE it if they had it... just more than likely they will love it very quietly. Best yet is these mats are all recycled and an affordable option that was once thought to only be within range for commercial gyms. After setting these up, you can feel a spat of pride inside knowing that you have given new purpose to tires that would have otherwise sat indefinitely in a landfill. And your dad can enjoy another of his great loves. Click here to see both rolls and tiles!


4. Coming in forth we have for your father a barber shop mat. When was the last time you saw a mat for your barber? But every time you go to a salon you see them for each workstation.  Why are the men silently suffering? I don't suspect it's a 'style' thing. Most off the shelf matting is designed for a standard cutout size of 24", and that simply does not fit the chair bases of barber chairs. But did you know that custom options are available, and here- the price doesn't feel so custom. 

Don't worry, their not 'girly'. Some of these chair mats are specially designed to blend right in with a more industrial setting, while still providing the relief on stylests knees, backs, and ankles. Click here for some design option choices! 

5. Last but not least we have a workstation anti-fatigue mat, built just for wood shops, garages, and anyplace you find father's messing with power tools. These areas seem so often to be an afterthought. And yet, we find our fathers spending countless hours standing while they slave away to build that coffee table we have always wanted. The only thing keeping them from the hard cement floor is their hard, years old, work boots.

It's unacceptable and it's time for a change. Let's thank our father's with something they will actually use. Not a trinket that they will put on a shelf and forget about, not a movie they will watch once and then leave in a box. How about something that will assist in furthering their health. There are even anti-fatigue mats that are designed specifically to promote subtle shifts in movement in order to help with blood flow. 


This is the year to find that perfect gift finally. The one for the father who "wants" and "needs" for nothing. It's time to spoil the men out there. Click here to see some options for any sort of hobby that he might have!


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