Five Mother's Day Gifts For Any Mom:


Mother's day is just around the corner and for many of us it can lead to panic on what to gift. Each year that goes by it seems to get harder and harder yet. I know my mother is the type that 'wants nothing' but also never treats herself. 

For that reason we at The FloorMat Store decided to come together and make up a foolproof list of thoughtful items for every picky mom out there.


First on our list is heated matting. We found that many of our mothers worked in offices or behind counters that ran cold. Our mothers were often complaining of being chilled in their business attire, but found themselves unable to raise the thermostat due to others complaints. Our solution: a personalized heater that is discrete, quiet, and just right to take off that frigid air that always seems to get trapped under desks. Click here to see some options! 


Next on our list we reach gym floor matting. It's time to spoil our athletic mothers! Instead of constantly having to move around a torn up yoga mat to fit sit ups as well as floor protection from heavy weights, lets just cover the area and alleviate some stress. Best yet is these mats are all recycled and an affordable option that was once thought to only be within range for commercial gyms. So when you set these up for your mother, you can feel a spat of pride inside knowing that you have given new purpose to tires that would have otherwise sat indefinitely in a landfill. Click here to see both rolls and tiles!


Coming in third we have for your mother a salon chair mat. We found that so many of our mothers were cosmetologists, and so many of them complained of bad knees, ankles, and backs. Sure that marble or wood floor in their shop is beautiful, but it's been wreaking havoc on their joints. I'd say that our  mothers deserve a little relief dont you? Where it gets even better is that there is no reason for something dull or drab, you can get bright colors, fun designs, all sorts of options for your unique mothers tastes. Some are even designed to subconsciously encourage movement to help with blood flow and comfort. Click here for some design option choices!


Coming in forth on our list we have entrance matting, specifically boot scraping mats. Most of us would not dear wear or shoes in our mother's home, but that doesn't stop them from still bringing in a bit of gunk. Our mothers work hard, why should we make it harder on them by leaving prints and dirt to clean up after us. These stylish mats add in a bit of curb appeal, leave foyers cleaner, all while they last and last and last. This is one of those gifts that the recipient could never quite justify purchasing a replacement for their old beat up one, so lets just do it for them! Click here to see some stylish entrance options!  


On the tail end of our list we come to anti-fatigue matting. We found that our mothers were often left lacking when it to comforts in their hobbies. Some of our mothers are master chefs, standing over a grill for hours on end making beautiful meals. Others being scrapbookers, jewelry makers, wood workers. All of them standing in place often for hours on hard flooring. All of them not treating themselves to common comforts during that time. It's time to put an end to that. Lets spoil our mothers, lets get that perfect gift for the woman that "wants" and "needs" for nothing. Click here to see some options for any sort of hobby that she might have!


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