#544 Comfort Zone™ Rubber Floor Mats for Food Service Applications

This durable, single station, anti-fatigue mat is manufactured for the ultimate in comfort. Comfort Zone features a slip-resistant surface texture which contributes to drainage and cleanliness. Some work applications may be: cooking areas, dishwasher areas, freezers, meat/bakery departments, salad bars, bar areas and other medium/ heavy duty - wet commercial and industrial areas.


  • Solid rubber construction: yields a long service life while easing foot and back fatigue from long standing jobs
  • Large circular hole design: facilitates drainage of liquids and debris
  • All 4 edges are beveled: reduces tripping and stumbling
  • Overall thickness: 5/8"
  • Two versions: Black mat is grease resistant and features a 1-year warranty, Red mat is grease proof and features a 3-year warranty
  • Available Colors: Black (BL), Red (RD)

photo of Comfort Zone mat near a stove

close-up photo of Comfort Zone mat

Quantity Stock Size Color Price
3' x 5' Black $106.00
3' x 5' Red $144.00

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