K-Series Drain-Thru ™ – Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Slip Floor Mats for Wet Areas

Cushion Classic Anti-Fatigue Mats have an anti-slip surface texture and multi-nib backing that helps promote easy drainage. Cushion Classic ™ can be used in the following applications: cooking areas, meat departments, bakery departments, bar areas and other medium/heavy duty - wet commercial and industrial work areas.


  • Resilient anti-fatigue rubber compound: greatly reduces fatigue and provides support to the worker; chemical resistant
  • Large circular hole design: facilitates drainage of liquids and debris; textured surface provides anti-slip sure footing in industrial conditions
  • Overall thickness: 5/8 "
  • Built-in connectors: make it easy to assemble;
  • Beveled border strips available: see below pricing for diagram
  • Two versions: Black mat is grease resistant, Red mat is grease proof and features a 3-year warranty
  • Available Colors: Black, Red

photo of Cushion Classic in use in a machine shop

In the shop

photo of Cushion Classic in use in a kitchen

Or in the kitchen

diagram of Cushion Classic all-purpose

Cushion Classic All-Purpose

Quantity Stock Sizes Color Price
3' x 3' Black $56.50
3' x 5' Black $103.00
3' Male Bevel Black $12.00
3' Male Bevel Yellow $16.50
3' Female Bevel Black $12.00
3' Female Bevel Yellow $16.50
5' Male Bevel Black $19.00
5' Male Bevel Yellow $25.50
5' Female Bevel Black $19.00
5' Female Bevel Yellow $25.50
40 Male Bevel Corner Black $12.00
40 Male Bevel Corner Yellow $17.50
40 Female Bevel Corner Black $12.00
40 Female Bevel Corner Yellow $17.50

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diagram of Cushion Classic kitchen

Cushion Classic Kitchen

Quantity Stock Sizes Color Price
3' x 3' Terra Cotta $72.00
3' x 5' Terra Cotta $135.00
3' Male Bevel Terra Cotta $18.00
3' Female Bevel Terra Cotta $18.00
5' Male Bevel Terra Cotta $28.00
5' Female Bevel Terra Cotta $28.00
40 Male Bevel Corner Terra Cotta $19.00
40 Female Bevel Corner Terra Cotta $19.00

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