Cylindrical profile handrails (R-1200)

Cylindrical profiles provide a full power grip for optimal safety and project a sleek and functional appearance. This handrail features a wrap-around cover of embossed rigid PVC that encloses the aluminium retainer securely by means of a friction lock that prevents movement. The 1-1/2" diameter rail allows a full power grip, which has four times the force of the grip permitted by an incomplete-grasp- or pinch-grip-style rail.


  • Good Power Grip; Pinch-Style
  • Continuous, rigid wraparound vinyl
  • Enclosed aluminum retainer includes special function lock
  • 1-1/2” diameter rail
  • Material thickness: vinyl: .080" - aluminum: .100"
  • Standard handrail length is 12 ft. Weight is approximately 6 lbs.

To order handrails, please refer to the Color Chart, select your color preferences, and enter them in the form below. The wood trim on the options below will be finished per the stain you specific from the color selections.

Please note: Any product over 8' must ship by freight truck. Freight shipping will be $150 or more depending on destination. For orders under 6 pieces, please consider having us cut your wall guards down to save on shipping. Inquire for details.

photo of R-1200 Handrail

Rapid Response colors ship in 3-5 days. See the color chart for more details.

graphic of six color options

All available colors. Please see the color chart for additional lead time details.

graphic of twenty color options graphic of twenty color options graphic of twenty color options

All orders under $400 material cost will be charged a $15 handling fee.

Model Description Price
R-1200 Cylindrical profile handrail $86.00
R-1206 Molded Color Bracket $9.00
RL-1225 Left Return (harware included) $16.00
RR-1225 Right Return (harware included) $16.00
IC-1250 Inside / Outside Corner (hardware included) $13.00
SPL-1200 Splice (hardware included) $2.50