Softwoods Salon Anti-Fatigue Beauty Salon Mats

Softwoods Salon Anti-Fatigue Beauty Salon Mats give a pop with the rich look of hardwood flooring to enhance the environment of your salon while providing the most effective and simplest Anti-Fatigue and Anti-Stress method available. Double Sponge Anti-Fatigue Salon Mats are the mats of choice to deliver the most comfort your legs have experienced.


  • Mat Thickness: Available in 1/2 " and double sponge 7/8" "
  • Standard Sizes: 2'x3', 3'x4', 3'x5' and 4'x5'. Custom sizes are available, please inquire for details.
  • Mat Shapes: Available in Rectangle or Semi-Circle shapes. See the Anti-Fatigue Salon Mat Diagrams page for details on dimensions and layouts.
  • Colors available: Walnut and Wild Cherry

photo of softwoods salon anti-fatigue mat

diagram of softwoods mat


Walnut color
Wild Cherry color
Wild Cherry

When selecting a matting size, refer to our Anti-Fatigue Salon Mat sizing chart.

Softwoods 1/2" anti-fatigue salon mat

2'x3'x1/2" Shampoo Mat $53.00
3'x4'x1/2" Rectangle $110.00
3'x4'x1/2" Semi-Circle $110.00
3'x5'x1/2" Rectangle $136.00
3'x5'x1/2" Semi-Circle $136.00
4'x5'x1/2" Rectangle $180.00
4'x5'x1/2" Semi-Circle $180.00

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Softwoods 7/8" anti-fatigue salon mat

Quantity Stock Sizes Color Price
2'x3'x7/8" Shampoo Mat $72.00
3'x4'x7/8" Rectangle $148.00
3'x4'x7/8" Semi-Circle $148.00
3'x5'x7/8" Rectangle $184.00
3'x5'x7/8" Semi-Circle $184.00
4'x5'x7/8" Rectangle $245.00
4'x5'x7/8" Semi-Circle $245.00

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