Rubber and Vinyl Stair tread, Stair Riser and Landing Tile adhesive and Stair tread Nose Caulking

To properly install Stair treads, stair risers or landing tiles, you will need to adhere them to the step. Tacking them down will not only damage the product, but will also void any warranty. For a proper stair tread installation, you will also need to use an epoxy nose caulk to help prevent the nose from cracking.

#400 Neoprene contact Cement

A quick-drying solvent-based contact cement for bonding rubber or vinyl stair treads, stair risers or landing tiles to wood, concrete, metal, marble, ceramic tile and many more surfaces.

Product Specifications

  • Solvent-based contact cement - hazardous waste charge applies for shipping
  • Bonds rubber or vinyl to: wood, concrete, metal, marble, ceramic tile
  • Coverage: 75 square feet per gallon of adhesive.
  • Available sizes: 1 qrt can, 1 gal can or 5 gal pail
  • Use: Brush on both surfaces
  • MSDS

Please be aware that orders with 1 gallon or more of this adhesive are required to ship by freight truck. As an alternative, consider using the #300, below, for substantial cost savings on orders that would otherwise ship UPS or FedEx ground.

Stock Size Price
1 qrt Contact us for pricing
1 gal Contact us for pricing
5 gal Contact us for pricing

#300 Stair Tread Adhesive

A water-based contact adhesive. Use to bond rubber or vinyl stair treads, stair risers or landing tiles to wood, concrete, metal or marble.

Product Specifications

  • Water-based contact adhesive
  • Bonds rubber or vinyl to: wood, concrete, metal or marble
  • Coverage: 75 square feet per gallon of adhesive
  • Available sizes: 1 qrt can, 1 gal can or 4 gal pail
  • VOC Emission: 0 g/l (calculated per Ca. South Coat Rule 1168)
  • MSDS

#560 Rubber Flooring Adhesive

Environmentally Friendly

A latex adhesive for sticking rubber stair treads, rubber stair risers or rubber landing tiles to wood or cement. Not recommended for places with excessive moisture or outdoor applications.

Product Specifications

  • Latex adhesive
  • Bonds rubber to: wood or concrete
  • Coverage: 150 square feet per gallon of adhesive.
  • Available sizes: 1 gal can or 4 gal pail
  • Use: brush on, single coat
  • MSDS

#110 Epoxy Nose Caulk

Environmentally Friendly

Modern square nose rubber and vinyl stair treads are made with a small channel along the inside of the nose. This allows the nose to adjust to fit different angles. Epoxy Nose Caulking should be used to fill this channel to provide a solid backing that stops the nose from flexing with use - which aids greatly in preventing the stair tread nose from cracking and breaking off. Cracked nosing is the number 1 reason customers replace stair treads and it is almost always due to forgetting or forgoing this step during installation.

See our blog post on the importance of Nose Caulking here.

The #110 Epoxy Nose Caulking can also be used in larger amounts to aid in building up a worn or warped stair edge.

Available in quart units or in 13-1/2 oz. Dual-Cartridge unit that mixes in nozzle as caulk is dispensed. Dual Cartridge must be dispensed with a dual cartridge dispenser, as the two parts mix in the nozzel.

Product Specifications

  • Two part Epoxy Nose Caulking
  • Expands to supply support at tread nosing to prevent cracks
  • Coverage: quart units cover approx. 75 linear feet, Dual-Cartridge unit covers approx. 50 linear feet
  • Use: when using the quart units, mix both parts together and install with a trowel or putty knife. When using the Dual-Cartridge units, must install with the ECD18 dispenser or similar dual cartridge dispenser.
  • MSDS: Part A, Part B

#775 Epoxy Flooring Adhesive

Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy flooring adhesive comes in a 2 part unit that covers roughly 150 square feet. This adhesive will stick just about anything to anything and is the only adhesive that will work on our #633 recycled rubber stair treads.

Product Specifications

  • Two part Epoxy
  • Coverage:Approximately 150 square feet per unit.
  • Use: on #633 outdoor rubber stair treads, GSA aluminum stair treads or any stair tread application that you are unsure of wether or not an adhesive will bond.

Double Sided Vinyl Stair Tread Tape

For the easiest installation ever, a new double sided tape has just been developed for installation of vinyl stair treads. Sold in full rolls, 3"x27' for $15 each.

To use on treads, you will need to cut two strips, one running the full nosing edge, from the bottom of the nose up and around the bend and one along the back edge. Both strips going left to right on the tread. One roll will cover 13.5 linear feet of stair treads.

To use on risers, you need to cut only 1 strip from the roll in the width of the riser and then cut that strip in half to get two strips that are 1.5" wide. One strip will be used along the bottom and the other along the top. One roll will cover 27 linear feet of stair risers.

Rolls of tape are also only 1 pound and take up very little space - usually small enough to fit in the same box as the treads and/or risers - so you save quite a bit in shipping as well, compared to normal adhesives.