Koroseal Vinyl Stair Treads No. 375

Vinyl Stair Treads are designed for use in apartments, urban renewal housing, housing for the elderly and housing projects.


  • Vinyl stair treads have a lower initial cost, ease of installation, ease of cleaning and long service appeals to owner and builder.
  • Extra thick at front edge.
  • Meets Federal Specs. RR-T-650E Type B.


  • Koroseal vinyl stair treads with rib design
  • Stair treads made from first quality homogeneous vinyl containing no asbestos fiber
  • Vinyl stair treads available in brown, sand, gray or black
  • Coloring throughout the full thickness of the vinyl stair tread
  • Available in standard vinyl stair tread lengths of 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 72", 84" or 96"
  • Vinyl stair tread available in curved nose or square nose

**NOW AVAILABLE: For the easiest installation ever, a new double sided tape has just been developed for installation of vinyl stair treads. It is not yet tested for use with rubber treads. Sold in full rolls, 3"x27' for $17.25 each. To use, you will need to cut two strips, one wrapped from the edge of the nose up and around the bend and one along the back edge, both strips going left to right on the tread. 1 roll will cover 13.5 linear feet. Rolls of tape are also only 1 pound and take up very little space, so you save quite a bit in shipping as well, compared to normal adhesives. 

photo of vinyl stair tread


gray color
sand color
brown color
black color
Quantity Size & Type Color Price
18" Squared Nose $12.05
18" Curved Nose $12.05
24" Squared Nose $16.08
24" Curved Nose $16.08
30" Squared Nose $20.06
30" Curved Nose $20.06
36" Squared Nose $24.09
36" Curved Nose $24.09
42" Squared Nose $28.12
42" Curved Nose $28.12
48" Squared Nose $32.11
48" Curved Nose $32.11
54" Squared Nose $36.14
54" Curved Nose $36.14
60" Squared Nose $40.17
60" Curved Nose $40.17
72" Squared Nose $47.25
72" Curved Nose $47.25

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Vinyl Stair Tread Tape

Quantity Stock Size Coverage Price
1 roll, 3" x 27' 13.5 ln ft $17.25

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