Wall Guard Installation - W8 E-Clip System

line drawing of W8 wall guard

This installation instruction guide is applicable to all styles of our W8 wall guards with the E-Clip system.

Installation instructions for W8 Wall Guard with an aluminum retainer are also available.

line drawing of W8 e-clip system

Component Part Numbers

  1. W8C-CLIP-1 E-Clip Retainer
  2. W8C-SPRING-11 E-Clip Spring
  3. W8C-SPACER-1 accessory spacer
  4. W8C-ASM-1 E-Clip clip assembly
  5. EC-8C-0-XXX End Cap with spacers
  6. OC-8C-0-XXX Outside corner with spacers
  7. Mitered Corner
  8. Snap-on Cover
    WV-8-12-XXX Standard textured
    WVG-8-12-XXX Grooved and textured

Step 1:

Determine top of wall guard height and snap a chalk line 3 7/8" below to locate centerline of wall guard and to provide a reference line for locating W8C E-Clip retainers, see fig 1.

Important: Store material in a clean dry place where the temperature is maintained above 50°F (10°C). Walls and rooms should be maintained at a minimum of 65°F (18°C) for at least 24 hours before cutting and installing.

Step 2:

Each E-Clip retainer consists of a base or "clip" and an impact cushion or "spring" shipped separately, see fig 2. Secure clips to wall by aligning the molded location pointers in the clip with the chalk line, see fig 3. While the clip may be installed either end up it is recommended that the spring socket be oriented down, see fig 8.

Note: A continuous metal backer plate should be used in all drywall installations to allow freedom in the left-to-right placement of the E-Clip. In absence of a backer plate align each clip with a metal stud. When necessary a clip may be installed away from a stud or backer plate using the appropriate hardware, see step 4 below.

E-Clip must be:

  • Spaced not to exceed 16" on center
  • Located adjacent to end cap and corner accessories, see step 3
  • At each WV-8 cover butt-joint, see fig 7

Step 3:

An E-Clip must be installed adjacent to each molded accessory. Begin by installing a spacer on each of the accessory mounting tabs, see fig 4.The E-Clip has four accessory alignment tabs used to facilitate positioning of the molded components with respect to the clip, see fig 5. Temporarily locate the accessory and E-Clip combination by holding them temporarily in their desired position. Remove the accessory and fasten the E-Clip in place. It is also possible to locate the clip by measuring 3 9/16" to 3 5/8" from the outer edge of the desired accessory location or 1" to 1 1/16" from the inner edge, see fig 6.

Note: It is critical to install the clip and accessory perpendicular to the chalk line to ensure a proper fit with the square cut WV-8 cover.

Step 4:

Secure E-Clip assemblies to wall with the appropriate hardware according to wall condition.

Suggested hardware:

  • Drywall with Metal Backing: #8 Drill point drywall screw or #8 pan head or hex washer head sheet metal screw.
  • Drywall without stud or backing: Plastic Alligator® insert with #8 pan head or hex washer head sheet metal screw or 3/16" Toggler®brand toggle bolts with pan head machine screw.
  • Masonry: Plastic Alligator® insert with #8 pan head or hex washer head sheet metal screw or 3/16" hex washer head Tapcon® (or similar fastener).

Step 5:

Secure the accessory component in place using the E-Clip® alignment tabs as a guide. Be certain to adjust the accessory as required to ensure it is square with the chalk like. Install with hardware described in step 4.

Step 6:

Double check to ensure all springs are snapped in place.

Note: Install spring by snapping ball of spring into socket provided in clip and snap the ball into the socket by pressing the crown of the spring both down and toward the socket, see fig 8.

Step 7:

Measure between accessories and cut the WV-8 vinyl cover. Miter cut the WV-8 for all inside corners and special angles not accommodated by the molded accessories. Install an E-Clip retainer centered ar each WV-8 butt-joint location, see fig 7.

Important: All Wv-8 cuts must be square and deburred.

Step 8:

Snap the WV-8 cover in place.

Cutting Adjustments Diagrams and Schedule

line drawing of end cap

End Cap

line drawing of outside corner

Outside Corner

line drawing of inside corner

Inside Corner

Aluminum Retainer & Vinyl Cover
End Cap L - 1-1/16"
Outside Corner L - 0"
Inside Corner L - 0" (Field Miter)

Important: Install E-Clip retainers and molded accessories prior to cutting the snap-on cover

Minimum Lay-out Configurations

line drawing of minimum lay-out configuration
line drawing of minimum lay-out configuration
line drawing of minimum lay-out configuration