W-6 wall guards feature a rubber spacer to cushion impact

The W-6 wall guards are specifically designed to match our R-500 & R-400 handrails. They feature a rubber spacer to cushion impact and extend guard PVC covers are designed to flex upon impact.

They also work with the new E-Clip wall guard retainer system that is environmentally friendly yet a structurally equal alternative to the continuous aluminum retainer. E-Clips save labor during installation and save money in both material and freight costs - 10 E-Clips are enough to install a twelve-foot length of wall guard and weigh only 12 ounces. They are available in a wide range of colors to compliment virtually any decor, and comply with the most stringent regulatory requirements for flame resistance, and all vinyl rails are both chemical and stain resistant.


  • Sized for visual coordination with R-500 /R-800 handrails
  • Cushion impact/extended guard
  • Flexible vinyl cover with internal bumper to fully absorb impact
  • W-6 available with horizontal grooves
  • Select continuous aluminum retainer or E-Clip system
  • 6" top to bottom x 12' left to right x 1" front to back

To order wall guards, please refer to the Color Chart, select your color preferences, and enter them in the form below. Both the W-6 aluminum retainer and W-6 e-clip wall guards are available for quick ship in Linen White (06), Champagne (07), Silver Gray (15), Eggshell (21), Windsor Blue (45) and Teal (49).

Please note: for 12' pieces, custom length (up to 12'), or different quantities, please call or email: 330-650-5561 or sales@floormatstore.com

photo of W-6 wall guard photo of W-6 with E-Clip system


Rapid Response colors ship in 3-5 days. See the color chart for more details.

graphic of six color options

All available colors. Please see the color chart for additional lead time details.

graphic of twenty color options graphic of twenty color options graphic of twenty color options


W-6-6 Two 6' sections $243.00
W-6-6 Six 6' sections $615.00
W-6-6 Ten 6' sections $1024.00
EC-6 End Cap $7.50
OC-6 Outside Corner $10.00

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W-6 with E-Clip system

Quantity Model Description Color Price
W-6-6 e-clip Two 6' sections $170.00
W-6-6 e-clip Six 6' sections $420.00
W-6-6 e-clip Ten 6' sections $659.00
EC-6 e-clip End Cap $7.50
OC-6 e-clip Outside Corner $10.00

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